14 000 m²

140 Employees

> 20% Master Engineers & Architects

3 Factories

Industries 4.0


RJB HOME, born to move a new lifestyle to the future. Our automated self-thinking products are here to set the new standard in living. 


Our history begins with ABER HYDRAULICS which was founded in 1972, and today is a world leader in oil hydraulic equipments for various applications, such as: Automotive, Aeronautics, Industrial, Agriculture and Marine. With the know-how and capabilities acquired over several decades of experience, achieving the highest quality of engineering by using the latest software, hardware, and machinery, two brands were born:


RJB HOME - Luxury Moving Solutions & ABERMOVE - Industrial Automated Systems.

With several registered patents and consecutive success cases achieved, RJB HOME have taken it a step further by combining the hydraulic technology manufactured by ABER HYDRAULICS, together with the experienced staff and valuable know-how in creative solutions for automated lifting, moving loads and people.


RJB HOME brings the ability for each person to have Luxury Moving Solutions and smart self-thinking programmed hardware, making life that much simpler, inspiring, and stylish.

RJB HOME strives to achieve and create solutions to make your home automated, with luxury top-end finishes. We bring technology to your fingertips, using our mobile application - RJB I-Control.


Each project is customized to meet each individual customer’s needs, embracing the constant introduction of new ideas and products, maintaining a high quality of workmanship.

RJB HOME offers technical assistance, maintenance contracts and an after-sales service that guarantees the perfect performance worldwide.


RJB HOME’s core values are honesty, respect, and dedication, be it with its customers, suppliers, or its employees, bringing the benefits of its progress to a growing number of people.

"Don't find customers for your products, find products for your customers"

Seth Godin