RJB HOME was born to define Lifestyle.

RJB HOME creates and develops personalized and innovative solutions, combining the latest generation of technological solutions for automation, engineering and in-house manufacturing, with creative and personalized responses for your space. 
With a history and accumulated experience of 50 years, and a constante investment in I&D in the most audacious production methods, we merge the reality of a modern factory, automated by industry 4.0, with reflections of an architecture and interior design studio.
RJB HOME‘s growth is the result of the know-how and experience of a solid and highly specialized team in the sector, with an unique ability to respond to the market, wich are reflected in a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions for the real estate sector, for construction/engineering, architecture and decoration.
Proven by numerous and consecutive success stories and with patents registered annually, RJB HOME gives meaning to the words Accuracy, Detail and Luxury.

14 000 m²

140 Employees

> 20% Master Engineers & Architects

3 Factories

Industries 4.0