RJB HOME luxury BILLIARD tables


These billiard tables have a modern design and perfect playability. These pieces of art will give you more than the pleasure of playing. 

Each of our billiards design is a unique and numbered piece:

  • The Pearl : discover the innovation of a billiard of high technicality, visually as light as a classic table.

  • The Megeve : a billiard design inspired of woodland decorations. It will bring warmth to your mood.

  • The loft : noble materials coupled with the strength of stainless steel for a billiard design with character. Succumb to the sleek lines of Loft or Full Loft billiards.

  • The Lambert : Billards Toulet teamed up with professional billiard player Christophe Lambert to create a billiard design with high technical gaming.

  • The Mirror : And the light was! Wide feet covered with mirrors make this billiard a great asset in your interior design : it expands the room and brings in light.

  • The Manhattan manages to blend modernity, nobility and design into one pool table.

  • The Blacklight is much more than a billiard. It is a high-tech object in which we can integrate an MP3 station, LEDs, etc. Following the success of this billiard, a luxury version is now available.

  • The Whitelight with its harmonious shapes and design is a true work of art.

  • The Carat Light is an exceptional pool table made entirely of glass, the purest it is.

  • The Luxury is the billiard designed by Champion Vincent Facquet.

  • The Bitalis : Billards Toulet have also teamed up with professional billiard player Richard Bitalis to give birth to a table with elegant curves, which is now available in American version.