Homelifts from RJB HOME are a versatile solution with a refined and elegant design, helping to improve your mobility. With high comfort and safety, they eliminate architectural barriers in new or existing constructions, private or public buildings (commercial, offices, restaurants, etc.).


Homelifts from RJB HOME can be installed and fully adapted to any space in an interior environment (in a masonry shaft or self-supporting structure) or outdoors.


Features of RJB HOME Residential Elevators:

  • Installation in a reduced time, either inside or outside, in a brick box or self-supporting structure;

  • Possibility of installation with swing doors or automatic doors;

  • Minimum need for works;

  • Low consumption and possibility of connection to the domestic electrical network (230V);

  • Reduced pit (100mm);

  • Wide range of finishing options, with the possibility of being fully customized to your needs and desires;

  • Wide range of cabin dimensions;

  • Installation up to 7 floors;

  • Silent equipment

homelift single


The unique range of Homelifts, is the first and only lifts of their kind.

Thanks to their small footprint, drive mechanism and technology, RJB HOME Homelifts have an unrivalled ability to fit into spaces other domestic lifts cannot meaning they can be fitted almost anywhere in the home.

RJB HOME Homelifts are an ideal and a most unique and with the finest materials and finishes you can find. 

It is also more cost-effective compared to moving house or making changes to your existing property and can add value to your home.

Our Homelifts are fully compliant with all European safety standards. 

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